We ensure that our prices compete with similar supermarket products to guarantee exceptional quality and value for money.

All prices include free delivery to your door!  These are our domestic doorstep prices (correct at May 2019) - commercial outlets should contact us for our commercial rates.


1 and 2 pint bottles: 65p / pint

2 Litre bottles: £2.00

(Full cream, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk are the same price)


10 oz double cream: £1.46

5 oz double cream: 80p

250ml single cream: £1.10

250ml whipping cream: £1.10

2 Pint whipping cream: £2.95

Other products:

5 oz low fat yoghurt: 48p

5 oz creamy yoghurt: 50p

500ml plain yoghurt: £1.45

225ml creme fraiche: £1.65

1 dozen large eggs: £2.20

1 dozen free range eggs: £2.66

1 Litre cartons fruit juice: £1.25

Cartons of fruit juice: £1.25

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